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God Makes Woman

Genesis 2:18-24

God did not want Adam to be lonely, so He made him fall fast asleep. And while Adam slept, God did an amazing thing. He took out one of Adam's ribs and created a woman from it! When Adam awoke, God presented this woman to Adam.

Adam was very pleased with his new friend. And he didn't even mind that God had made her out of his very own bone, because that meant she was like a part of him. Adam named the woman Eve, and they lived very happily in their beautiful garden home.



No Longer Lonely


The only thing in God's original creation said to be "not good" was the man without a partner. So God made the woman.The way God created her, using part of the man shows that man and woman belongs together.

We may think that the joining of the man and a woman in marriage was created by human, but it was really God who established the marriage relationship.

Three elements are important in a biblically based marriage, (1) A man and a woman leave their parents and commit themselves exclusively to each other. (2) The man and woman are joined together in marriage, agreeing to love, help, and take responsibility for each other; (3) The husband and ife become like one person. Part of this oneness involves the sexual union.




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