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Here Come the Animals!

Genesis 1:24-25 -- Send Unlimited Cards 

The earth was a wonderful place, a beautiful place, a spectacular place.

But God had even more ideas!

And so he created all kinds of different animals. He made leek gazelles that could run like the wind, and elephants with floppy ears and big, strong trunks. He cleverly created the zebras and tigers with dashing stripes; and to the giraffes and leopards, He gave lots of spots. God made big baboons and hairy gorillas to roam in the jungles. And for fun, He made chattering chimps and fun-loving monkeys that could swing and play in the trees!

In other parts of the earth, God made different kinds of animals. In the icy cold regions, He made big polar bears with warm, fuzzy coats, and black-and-white penguins that could slide in the snow.

In the cool forests of the north, God made graceful deer and majestic elk. He made bears and cougars to roam the mountains and woods. He made ring-tailed raccoons and fast-hopping rabbits, frisky squirrels and porcupines with prickly quills.

In the dry deserts, God made animals that could survive in the sun's bright heat and go without water for long periods of time.

God also made some very special animals that were not wild at all. He made horses and cows, dogs and cats, pigs and goats.



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