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Jacob and Esau

Genesis 25 -- Send Unlimited Cards 

Isaac and Rebekah were married. And Isaac loved his new wife, but for many years they had no children.

Finally, Isaac asked God to give Rebekah a baby. God answered Isaac's prayex and Rebekah became pregnant, but before her baby was born she grew concerned and asked God what was wrong. "Two nations are within you," said God. "The older will serve the younger." Then Rebekah had twins. The first was named Esau and the second, Jacob.

As the boys grew older, Esau became a skilled hunter who loved to spend time outdoors. But Jacob was quieter; he preferred to stay close to home.

One evening, Jacob made stew. Esau came home and said, "Hurry up, give me some of your stew. I'm starving!"

"I'll trade you some stew for your birthright," said Jacob as he stirred the pot. "Then I'll be like the oldest."

"Fine!" said Esau. "My birthright is worthless if I die from hunger!" So Esau gave Jacob his birthright.

Years later, Isaac grew old and weak and blind. He knew he would soon die, so he

called to Esau and said, "Go hunt me some wild game, then come and prepare me a tasty meal. After that I will give you my blessing."

Rebekah heard Isaac and grew concerned. Jacob was her favorite son, and she wanted him to have Isaac's blessing.




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