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Genesis 37


After many long years of waiting, Jacob and Rachel finally had a baby. It was a day of great rejoicing, and they named this son Joseph. Jacob had eleven other sons, but Joseph was his favorite son. So he made Joseph a beautiful coat with all the colors of the rainbow woven into it. One night, Joseph had an unusual dream. The next day, he told his brothers, "I dreamed we were bundling up wheat. Suddenly, my bundle of wheat rose high in the air, and all of your bundles bowed down before it.""So you must think you're better than we are!"One day, Jacob sent Joseph to check on his brothers. They were

far off, tending flocks of sheep, but they spotted him walking in the distance. "Here comes the dreamer," they said. "Let's kill him!" And they begun to plot against him."No, don't kill him," said the oldest. "Just throw him into this hole." When Joseph arrived, they jumped on him, ripped off his beautiful coat, and threw him down into a deep hole. Then they sat and ate their lunch. When a band of merchants passed by, the brothers sold Joseph as a slave. They wiped animal blood on Joseph's coat and took it to their father, telling him that Joseph was dead.








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