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Moses Leads His People

Exodus 12-15



It was the middle of the night when Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt. There was little time to pack, and no time to gather extra food for the journey. Thousands and thousands of people filed out, leading goats and sheep, and all they could with them.

The Egyptians called out to the Israelites, "Hurry! Hurry! You must leave quickly before we all die!"

As the Hebrews left, Egyptians gave them gold and silver. The Egyptians were weary from the plagues, and hoped that God would now have mercy on Egypt.

God led His people as they traveled. In the daytime, He gave a pillar of cloud to follow. At night, He gave a pillar of fire. Finally, Moses stopped at the banks of the Red Sea and waited for God.

Meanwhile, back in Egypt, Pharaoh changed his mind once again! He gathered his army, setting out with horses and chariots. He wanted to capture the Israelites.

When the Israelites saw the army in the distance, they cried. "Moses!" they cried. "Did you bring us out to the desert so we could be killed by Pharaoh?"

"Don't be afraid," said Moses. "Stand firm! Watch and see what God is able to do!"

Then Moses reached out his hand over the Red Sea. And with great power, God pushed aside the waters, and blew a mighty wind that divided the sea in half!




Mothers and fathers, boys and girls, young and old—all walked straight into the sea. But each step they took landed upon dry ground! And next to them stood tall walls of water—one on each side.

For the entire night they walked through the sea. Their eyes grew wide and their hearts trembled when they realized what God had done for them.

Pharaoh's army entered the parted sea, the same as the Israelites had done. But God made the chariots break down and the horses stumble. Meanwhile, theIsraelites got safely to shore. Then as the morning sun rose, God told Moses to reach his hand over the sea again. Moses obeyed. And the walls of water immediately fell, thundering back into the sea!

As the Israelites watched Pharaoh's army being buried by the Red Sea, they knew their God was very powerful. They trusted Him. And they trusted Moses—the man God sent to deliver them.


Which Way is the Best?

The shortest path from Egypt to Canaan was a sandy desrt route. The Israelites could have made the trip in two or three weeks by taking this path but God didn't lead the on the easiest, most convenient route. Instaead he took them on a longer trip to protect hsis people. No doubt the Israelites who knew geography wondered about the wisdom of God's leadership. By human standards, this route made no sense.

God was laying an inescapable trap for the Egyptians. he was also preparing another exciting display of his power to rescue his people.

God does not always work in the way that seems easiest to us. Many times, the road he lead us on is not the shortest, or the most comfortable,or the most convenient.

God looks at the trip from an eternal viewpoint. He sees where we were yesterday, where we are today, and where we will be tomorrow. God is our only true guide.


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