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Ruth and Naomi



A kind, old woman named Naomi lived far from her homeland. Her husband and sons had died. All she had left were her two daughters-in-law. One day, Naomi told them, "I must return to my homeland. I'll miss you, but I'm just an old woman. There's nothing I can do for you."

"Please, Naomi," begged Ruth, one of the daughters-in-law. "Let me go where you go. Your people will be my people. And your God will be my God." And so Naomi agreed. And the two women traveled for many days until they finally reached Naomi's hometown, a place called Bethlehem.

"It's time for the barley harvest, Naomi," said Ruth. "If I gather leftover grain, we can make bread to eat." So Ruth got permission to pick up grain missed by the harvesters.

A man named Boaz owned the field and wondered who she was. "She came back with old Naomi," said his foreman. "All day long, she has worked hard."

Boaz called Ruth to him and said, "Gather as much grain as you need, and my workers will watch for you."

"You are very kind to a foreigner," she said.

"You helped my relative Naomi," said Boaz. "May God bless and reward you for your kindness."

God did bless Ruth. In time she and Boaz became friends. Boaz shared food, and helped her whenever he could.

One night, Naomi told Ruth to go to the threshing floor whew Boaz was sleeping.She told Ruth to wait for him there. When Boaz awoke he was surprised to see Ruth. "What are you doing here?" he asked. "Naomi has sent me," said Ruth. "Since you are her nearest relative, I have come to ask you to care for us."

"God bless you," said Boaz. "And don't be afraid, for I will take care of you."

Naomi rejoiced when Ruth and Boaz got married. And Ruth became the great-grandmother of the great King David!



A Life of Significance

A wonderful change had taken place in Ruth's life even more so than she knew at the time. When she left Moab with her mother-in-law, Ruth may have thought she was doomed to a life of poverty and obscurity. But because of the LORD's goodness to her, she became the great-grandmother of David, from whose family Jesus Christ was eventually born.

No matter how grim things may seem right now, we can find comfort in knowing that God is our Saviour.






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