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David and the Giant

1 Samuel 17:4-50

David was a young, Israelite shepherd.

Goliath was a big Philistine soldier. He was nine feet tall! Their countries were enemies.

One day David and Goliath had a fight. Goliath wore armor and had a big spear. David only had his slingshot and five stones. But God helped young David win the battle that day.



Point to David's slingshot



Preschool Sunday School Idea

Bible Words: Jesus grew wise and tall.

Luke 2:52


Bible Fun Help your child recall some of the things he learned

from the Bible story with the following questions.

Where did Jesus go with His family? (To the temple.) Who did Jesus talk about at the temple? (God.)

Repeat the Bible words above. Then remind your child that he or she is growing wise too, by learning about God each week. Ask these questions and repeat the answers together. How strong are you? (So strong—flex muscles.) How wise are you? (So wise—point to head.


Sherri in the Middle

Lesson Focus: Jesus listened and we can, too.

Mrs. Lee’s Sunday school class was learning about Jesus. They learned that He liked to talk with teachers about God.

“We like to learn about God too,” said Mrs. Lee.

The children walked around Michael. They said:

We like to go to Sunday school,

To learn and sing and play.

What is your favorite thing to do On God’s special day?

Michael said, “I like to pray.” Then he picked Brenda to be in the middle.

The children walked around Brenda and said the words again. Brenda said she liked to hear stories.

Then it was Sherri’s turn. She said, “My favorite thing I – EVERYTHING!”

Family Fun Play the Sunday school game from the story with your child this week. And look together at the papers he brings home. Your child enjoy these moments wit you.


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