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Good News

John 19:16-20:18

God's Son, Jesus, was killed on a cross by His enemies. It was a dark, sad day.

Jesus's friends took Him down from the cross. They wrapped Him in special cloths and buried Him. But three days later Jesus came back to life!

Jesus is more powerful than death. That is why Jesus can save us from our sins. And that is good news!


What is the good news?

Preschool Sunday School Idea

Bible Words: Jesus grew wise and tail.

Luke 2:52

Bible Fun At bath time this week, provide some toy boats or fish, You might have fun making boats from clean foam trays. Your child can color these before floating them. Talk together about how Jesus met some fishermen and went out in a boat. If you have a colander, sieve, or a piece of netting to scoop up toys, your child will better understand how the fishermen used the nets to catch the fish. Explain that just as Jesus wanted some fishermen to be His helpers, we also can be Jesus's helpers.


Michael’s Bad Day

Lessson Focus: Jesus wants us to be helpers.

The children were coloring pictures of Jesus and His friends Peter. Michael snatched a crayton away from Brenda.

Mrs. Lee took Michael and put him on her lap. “Are you having a bad day, Michael?” she asked.

Michael nodded. Then Mrs. Lee said, “How does Jesus want His friends to act even on the bad days?”

“Jesus wants me to be a helper,” said Michael.

Mrs. Lee gave him a hug and said, “I think you can go back to the table and give the crayon to Brenda now.”

So Jesus’ helper Michael went back to color with the other children, and it wasn’t such a bad day after all.

Family Fun Rather than focusing on a negative behavior, reinforce the kind of behavior Jesus wants from His followers. Perhaps you can put a fish cracker or raisins in a small jar each time your child is kind or cooperative. Eat them together when the jar is full.



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