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Jonah and the Big Fish

Jonah 1-3

God told Jonah to go to Nineveh to preach. But Jonah ran away on a boat. So, God sent a big storm. The men in the boat knew the storm was Jonah's fault. jonah had not obeyed God. So, they threw jonah into the sea. Then God sent a big fish to swallow jonah. After three days, God made the fish spit Jonah onto dry land. Then Jonah went to Nineveh.









How long was Jonah inside the fish?





Preschool Sunday School Idea

Bible Words: Love the Lord your God with all your heart.

Matthew 22:37


Bible Fun It might be fun to review last week's story by gathering the stuffed animals again and pretending to take them out of the ark. Then take a walk outside and thank God for the beautiful trees, animals, grass, flowers, and sky. Talk about how we show we love God when we thank Him as Noah did.



Thank-You Pictures

Lesson Focus: We can thank God.

Mrs. Lee's class went outside for Sunday school. After the Bible story, Mrs. Lee gave everyone paper and crayons. "Let's make some nice pictures of the things God gives us," said Mrs. Lee.

Shawna got a blue crayon. She colored a blue sky with white clouds. Brenda got green and purple crayons. She drew some pretty flowers. When it was time for the prayer, each child held up a picture.

Shawna said, "Thank You, God, for the sky."

Brenda said, "Thank You, God, for the flowers that smell so nice."

All of the children thanked God for the things they had drawn. Mrs. Lee said, "Thank You, God, for the sky and the flowers and EVERYTHING!"

Family Fun Your child might like to walk outside, then draw a picture to thank God for our beautiful world.




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