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King David

2 Samuel 5:1-12

God chose David to become king. All of God's people met at Hebron. There they made an agreement with David. Then the people poured oil on David's head to make him their king.










David was a great king. He ruled God's people for forty years.

Why was oil poured on David's head?




Preschool Sunday School Idea

Bible Words: Love the Lord your God with all your heart.

Matthew 22:37

Bible Fun involve your whole family in the Bible story by working together to build a wail of wooden or plastic blocks just as Nehemiah and the people worked together to build a wall. Then act out ways people at your church work together, such as ushers welcoming people, a class cleaning up a Sunday school room, etc.


Ways to Help

Lesson Focus: We can work together.

One morning Michael arrived at Sunday school very early. He wanted to help Mrs. Lee before class.

Mrs. Lee said, "Let's see what I have to do. I have to move the table. I have to get the clay off the top shelf of the closet. And I have to lay out the name tags."

Michael tried to move the table, but it was too heavy. Mrs. Lee said, "I'll move the table, Michael, and you can bring the chairs." Then Michael tried to climb to the top of the closet to get the clay, but it was too high. Mrs. Lee said, "I'll get the clay, Michael, and you can carry it to the table,"

Michael found the name tags. They were not too high or too heavy. Michael laid the name tags on the table all by himself. And that was the very best way to help.

Family Fun During this week, rehearse together some ways that your child can help himself and your family get ready for church on Sunday.






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